ResearchWise Panel

The ResearchWise Panel is a CHASR-developed and curated panel of Canadian residents, 18 years of age and older, who have consented to be contacted by CHASR for future research on a variety of topics. Panelists may be asked to partake in online survey-based research, experimental research, or interviews and focus groups through CHASR.

The CHASR ResearchWise Panel recruits its members through a variety a means, including random digit dialing, online surveys, and social media and website advertisements. These various recruitment methods ensure a diverse and representative panel.  Because panelists in the ResearchWise Panel have consented to be contacted for future research, they provide a ready, convenient, and representative sample, with a Canadian focus.

The ResearchWise Panel includes a number of core demographic variables that allow researchers to target specific populations within Canada. Panelists may be recruited to complete a study based on gender, geographic location, age, education, occupational status, household income, or a combination of two or more of these variables. Other variables of interest can also be targeted.

There is no set minimum number of panelists that may be recruited to any study, while the maximum number of participants is dependent on the total number of active panelists in the ResearchWise Panel at the time of the study. Additional panelists are added on an ongoing basis.

The following table outlines the number of panelists currently available through the ResearchWise Panel by each core demographic variable:

Third Party Panel Partners

In partnership with Voxco and Zamplia, EKOS Research Associates, and SAGO, CHASR can help to facilitate the recruitment of general-population Canadian and international research participants, in addition to custom-tailored research samples. We work closely with our third-party panel partners on your behalf to recruit research participants based on a number of demographic variables, including geographic location, age, sex, income, education, occupation, family size and composition, among many others.

Qualitative Research Recruitment

CHASR can assist with participant recruitment and management for qualitative research projects in one of several ways:

  • The researcher or client may provide CHASR a list with the names and contact information (telephone number and/or e-mail address) of potential participants meeting pre-determined eligibility criteria.
  • If the researcher or client does not have a contact list, CHASR may assist in generating one through various outreach methods, including CHASR's ResearchWise Panel.
  • Via a survey. Online surveys can be generated with the primary or secondary goal of focus group and/or interview recruitment. CHASR can utilize the generated list to randomize and stratify sampling appropriately.
  • Generation of letters of invitation, e-mail, and telephone correspondence to confirm participants.
  • Following-up with participants throughout data collection, as needed.
  • CHASR can organize and issue participant payments via in-person cash payments or issuing Interac e-transfers to Canadian participants.
  • If another type of compensation is preferred (i.e., entering a draw to win a prize, gift-card), CHASR will work with the researcher or client to employ that type of participant remuneration, however we are unable to provide charitable donations on behalf of participants due to Canada Revenue Agency reporting requirements.