CHASR Advisory Committee

Roles and Responsibilities:

  1. Provides administrative guidance to CHASR, including resource strategies and potential areas of opportunity and growth.
  2. Identifies new and emerging innovative research tools and methods and helps to develop strategies to incorporate those tools and methods into CHASR research support processes and practices.
  3. Provides advice on the development and implementation of communications and promotional strategies to increase awareness and usage of CHASR services, particularly as they relate to an external audience.
  4. Identifies and develops strategies to foster and facilitate continued development of CHASR as a champion and incubator of interdisciplinary social and applied research.
  5. Reviews and provides guidance on the activities of CHASR. Such reviews include assessments of how/if:
    • Operations adhere to stated operating principles
    • Operations address the needs and interests of the University of Saskatchewan research community and potential users external to the University of Saskatchewan
    • Performance targets and benchmarks are met, including the achievement of specific goals outlined in the CHASR Strategic Plan (2022-2023 to 2026-2027)
  6. Members act as advocates for CHASR both within the campus community and to external agencies and organizations and the communities they serve.


The CHASR Advisory Committee consists of representatives internal and external to the University of Saskatchewan.

Internal to University of Saskatchewan:

  • CHASR Director (Chair)
  • CHASR Associate Director (Vice-Chair)
  • University of Saskatchewan Library Associate Dean Research and Collections
  • University of Saskatchewan Associate Vice-President Research, Engagement
  • One Dean, Executive Director or designate from three University of Saskatchewan-based affiliated colleges or schools

External to University of Saskatchewan:

  • One representative of a Canadian academic institution, excluding the University of Saskatchewan
  • One representative from the non-profit or charitable sector, or any other non-governmental organization that excludes private sector entities
  • One representative of a Government of Saskatchewan Department, Agency, or Crown Corporation
  • One representative of a Government of Canada Department, Agency, or Crown Corporation
  • One representative of a local/municipal government
  • One representative who works in private industry or in the private sector

With the exception of the CHASR Director, CHASR Associate Director, and University Library and OVPR members, all members of the CHASR Advisory Committee serve for a three-year term. The CHASR Director holds responsibility for recruiting individual committee members. CHASR Advisory Committee members may provide recommendations to the CHASR Director on potential committee members, however final authority on individual membership rests with the CHASR Director.

Meeting Frequency:

Meetings of the CHASR Advisory Committee will be held yearly at the convenience of committee members. Additional meetings may be requested at the discretion of the Chair.